The Public and its Problems

The Public and its Problems

CHAPTER 5: Search For The Great Community

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The Public and its Problems
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Thesis: For the great society to develop to the great community, several conditions must be accomplished.

Main Idea #1:Corporation and articulated activities.

The great community’s creation requires individual association and performance of societal activities jointly and in an articulated peculiarity. Communal participation and association function to bring together different individuals.

  • Association and interactions between different individuals culminate in mutuality, but joint activities participation is a supplementary issue that adds up human interactive nature (152).
  • Sufficient associations and joint participations demand prerequisite communication to foster associative capabilities between people (152) effectively.
  • Interacted and merged human beings, via external forces, unconsciously make a united body, which requires the sequential transformation of information using signs and symbols (153).
  • Education forms a central dogma in the transformation and dissemination of enlightening information from one individual to another (154).
  • Subsequently, knowledge forms a basis of interrelationships and communication, and primarily depends on tools, tradition, and socially transmitted tools (158).

Main Idea #2:Satisfying publicity (liberty of social inquiry).

Industrious propagation of freed individuals through dissemination and expression enables community creation (167).

  • The public’s occurrence without complete publicity encompassing all consequences that regard the public is difficult (167).
  • Methods of societal inquiries require liberty in expressions, and anything that inhibits and obstructs publicity limits public views (167).
  • Positive freedom entails instrumentalities and essentially methods for regulation of conditions (167).

MainIdea #3: Physical conditions.

Entirely, the consequences experienced by human life hinge on physically induced conditions (171).

  • Segregation between pure and applied science forms an influential divorce (174).
  • Conversion of science to knowledge honorably and emphatically happens following application (174).
  • In real life, the application of physical science brings a signification that science was conceived and disseminated, functioning as an instrument of dual understanding and wholly communication (174).


: The Problem Of Method

Thesis:Significant and various resolution measures are required to solve the problem of  method effectively.

Main Idea #4:Consultative and discussion of arguments.

Extensive application of the discussions and consultations in community problems culminate in uncovering social requirements and challenges the community faces (206).

  • Consideration and recognition of common interests from diverse community individuals display clarifications on issues (207).
  • The significant consideration is involving the multitude and issuing an opportunity to spread the idea (208).
  • Improvement of methodologies and debating conditions, persuasions, and discussions are required (208).
  • The capability to issue a judgment on communal concerns is required. Knowledge and skills are unnecessary (209).

Main Idea #5:Possession of coherent experimental methods.

Critically, thinking and beliefs require pragmatic and experimental logical procedures that involve various factors (202).

  • The preconceived theories, general standards, and conceptualized dialectical developments should be tested and reformed as tools used in inquiry (202).
  • The regulations and proposals needed for social action should be examined as hypothesized work (202-203).
  • Relations drawn by public democrat experts are considered and effectively eradicate the negative phase of initial arguments for political democracy (203).

Main Idea #6:Absolute education

Principally, increment in natural human knowledge directly and unpredictably modify ways of human workings and subsequently lead to the requirement of new regulative methods. Better and helpful psychology predominantly lies in education (197).

  • Significant anomalies are experienced, culminating from underdeveloped sciences of human nature, such as unavailability of comparable attention to enlarging finances to investigate causes of bad conditions (198).
  • The change in educational methods would ultimately expound and release new reliable potentialities, possessing all types’ capabilities, and consequentially foster modification of social phenomena (199).
  • Physical absolutism emerges from the assimilation of human science to physical science and displays possibilities of reliable control of physical conditions of ethical and psychological life (199).
  • Significant considerations should be made, suggesting a brief discussion and consultation of the productive impact of the present coherent absolutism and education objectives (200).


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