Statistic Questions

Answer the following questions.

1. An understanding of statistics is necessary in any job. The use of statistics can help provide answers to many questions. Please, post a question you think that statistics may help you answer and explain why statistics can help provide an accurate answer.

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Statistic Questions
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2. The internet is host to a wealth of information and much of that information comes from raw data that have been collected or observed.
Many websites summarize such data using graphical methods discussed in this chapter.
Assume your major is Computer Science and find a website related to this major that summarizes data and uses graphs, and share it with the class. Let us know how it relates to this major and why it is of interest to you.

3. In one sentence, please write what you understand by the term standard deviation.

4. What was the muddiest point in Bayes’ Theorem and/or conditional probability for you? (The word muddiest means not clear or most confusing.)


5. Imagine yourself at a fair playing one of the midway games. Pick a game and calculate the expected value and post your results along with how you calculated them. For example, you may decide to throw a basketball to try to win a $10 bear. You paid $2.00 for three shots. What is the expected value? (Please do not use this example in your answer)

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