Reflection paper

For this assignment, you will explore in a personal way the lives of those who have migrated elsewhere. You will seek out and interview a minimum of four people with various living abroad experiences.

Try to have a diverse group if possible–different nationalities, some who have come to Egypt, some who have left, a family, a single, a male, a female, etc., for example. The more diverse the group is the better your paper will be. Try to include different ages, refugees, migrants, and travelers of different backgrounds.

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Reflection paper
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You will create a list of interview questions (a minimum of 6 well-written ones), and then interview these people with the goal of trying to understand in a realistic manner the causes and effects of their moving in their life. I want you to try to imagine what their lives are like and imagine having been through their experiences.

A major part of this assignment is the research aspect of it. Your research thought is not in the library or on the internet, your research is going out and finding people whom you can interview. This will take time and effort. But this time and effort is a major and significant part of this paper. If you don’t do the research well, you won’t have a good paper. A successful paper is a good research + good reflection.

The goal is for you to learn the human realities behind their stories, and then to reflect on those stories. To think about what you learn from them as a human, and a person growing up in an increasingly interconnected world. You need to organize these thoughts and ideas that you are reflecting on and put them into a well written reflective paper. If it isn’t obvious from all that is written so far, please note that a reflective paper is much more than just a summary of the interviews.
Paper Details and Guidelines
You will write a minimum of a four-page reflection paper talking about what you learned from their stories as well as pointing out any interesting conclusions or patterns from their stories (title page and appendices do not count as part of page count)
You should use some limited quoting from the people you interviewed.
In an appendix, give a one-paragraph biography for each person that you interviewed.
In a second appendix, include the list of interview questions that you used.
You do not need to include an abstract for this paper.
This paper is worth 20% of your total course grade.
The paper should be written in proper APA format.

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