Recent trends in international business

TOPIC REVIEW TEMPLATE AND WRITING TIPS: Step 1: Choice of a topic: (1) If you already have a clear idea of a specific (international business-related) topic for your dissertation, you can choose it for your topic review assignment provided that you get your tutor’s 10 | Page approval (please, check with your tutor beforehand). It is essential that your topic be framed in the form of a question. You will then need to develop a literature review on the selected topic and try to respond to the question you identified. (2) Alternatively, you can choose a topic review title from the list below: a. As the world becomes more globalised, supply chains and the sourcing of goods have taken on a greater transnational dimension. Based on relevant academic literature and concepts, critically evaluate the ways in which a Global Production Networks (GPN) perspective helps to understand power in the transnational sourcing of goods. b. International business should recognise and realise culture differences and make products and services accordingly. Applying relevant academic literature, discuss whether you agree with this assertion. c. Critically evaluate the impact of the global pandemic on international business and trade for a developing or/and a developed country. Step 2: Try and collect all the relevant literature sources (list of articles, books, government, company and international organisation reports and bulletins, relevant websites) in your selected subject area. Start with the University of Greenwich databases. Focus as much as possible on identifying academic references. We expect students to present at least 10 journal articles in the review. Step 3: Organise and arrange the list of references that you have compiled. Step 4: Decide on the overall direction and objective of your review. Map out your argument. You may use a mind-map, pyramid or any other diagram. Step 5: First draft, organise your ideas and information. Decide on your main points and start to put them together in a narrative. Step 6: Writing the final draft: 1,000 words topic review. The structure of your final review should include: Introduction Explain what you are investigating, how and why? Main section This should be a systematic and logical review and investigation, which highlights different debates, current discussions and any inconsistencies in the literature. Conclusion This should bring together key issues that you have identified in the review. Your work should have the following format: • A full title of the chosen topic • All pages should be numbered. Your ID number should be included as a header on each page • A full list of references should be provided using the Harvard referencing system. In your topic review please ensure that you provide an academic foundation to the chosen topic including theory, empirical evidence and references. If you use material from case studies or company websites remember that these need to be properly quoted and referenced just like all other materials.


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Recent trends in international business
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marking criteria ;
Focus Does the student formulation set up clear aims and objectives to be addressed? Does the topic review stay within and fulfil the topic parameters? 20 11 | Page Synthesis Does the topic review bring together the relevant and up to date academic literature in a significant manner that addresses the aims and objectives? 30 Soundness Does the topic review indicate a critical and comprehensive understanding of the topic area and literature discussed? 30 Clarity of structure Is the topic review well organised and logically constructed to achieve synthesis while being mindful of the needs of the reader? 10 Mechanical Soundness Is the topic review clearly written, spell checked and grammatically sound and referenced appropriately? Academic standards As a whole you are required to adhere to the high standards of academic English writing style including grammar, logical structure, correct spelling, punctuation and Harvard style referencing. Not following the standards will result in significant reduction of the mark

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