Political diversity

Because we are in an election cycle, we must talk about the diversity of thought surrounding the political parties in this country.

America has two main parties Democratic and Republican. There are also persons who identify as Independents. What is the main difference in the “party” views on the following issues:

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Political diversity
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Climate Change
Social Security
Criminal Justice Reform
Civil Rights Act
For each topic you are to:

summarize the Democratic Party Agenda on the issue with citation to sources; [2 points for each topic]
summarize the Republican Party Agenda on the issue with citation to sources; [2 points each topic]
propose what you believe is a workable solution for all Americans on the issue. This is your opinion and therefore no citation is required. [2 points each topic]
How do you feel that federal response to the Covid19 crisis has been handled. This is a personal opinion so no citation is needed. [2 points] What do you propose the country do during the winter months to contain and control the spread of the virus. This should be based on data and the source needs to be cited. [5 points]

Do you believe that the Senate should hold confirmation hearings for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement before the election on November 3rd? Why or why not? [5 points]

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