Personal & Career Development

Reflections Criteria – Personal & Career Development


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Personal & Career Development
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Criterion Better / Poor       + /  – Checklist
General information 1.     Your name

2.     The title of the event

3.     The date of the event

4.     The organiser & presenters of the event

5.     The location of the event

Description Details of the event/development activity

1.     What happened

2.     What was the experience

3.     What was your role

4.     What did other people do/What did you do

5.     What was the purpose

Self-analysis Your thoughts before the event (YOU)

1.     What were you thoughts/feelings/values/attitudes/reactions/assumptions

2.     What was the reason/thinking behind you taking part in this activity

3.     Why is it of relevance to your personal development- YOUR PDP? MUST LINK TO PDP

4.     Assumptions on Self-Assessment Tests prior to completing them

–          Post analyses – Changed Opinion Positive/ identified weaknesses of test & researched same

5.     Reactions

–          Do not agree with result. Justify using examples as this could reflect weakness of test or lack of self-awareness

–          Agree with result. Provided example/story to explain own ability to relate result to life example

Analysis of learning


The learnings from the event or activity

1.     What did you learn?

2.     What generalisations/conclusions (about your learning) can you draw from the experience?

3.     Use literature to derive understanding

Tip: Keep a learning log if the event is over a time period (6 week course, Day 1/Day 2/ Day 3)

Application in context Those learnings relevant to you (YOU)

Application in Context- General

1.     How does it link to previous knowledge, experience, learning, assumptions

2.     How does it link to theory, frameworks?

3.     How and why you think there is a link. The importance of the link. Show that you understand the relationships you perceive to exist- it can’t be implied or superficially done, it must be articulated in detail

4.     How does it help you explain or understand (or not) previous knowledge, experiences?

Personal, Career, Professional Development/Goals

5.     Link to previous knowledge, experience, learning, assumptions. Link to theory, frameworks? How does it help you explain or understand (or not) previous knowledge, experiences?

6.     What about your current context e.g. looking for job, in transition, new career? How do results reflect this context? What does literature/studies say you should have done/should do (using test results/POD’s) given this context?

7.     What is your career goal? Is there a connection made between results/analyses & these goals?



Critical analysis of those learnings

1.     Evaluate/discuss/debate the learning

2.     Critically evaluate area (both sides or angles)

–          Was the experience/event/learning good or bad?

–          Did you agree/disagree and why?

–          What are your conclusions or constructive criticisms?

–          How does it test or require you to re-interpret or re-consider what you already knew/previously did know

Reconstruct self-concept


After evaluation, how do those learnings change you (YOU)

1.     What changes can you make

2.     What changes will you make or what has changed

3.     What would you do differently or will you do differently next time as a consequence of this event?

Action As a result of those learnings/ change in self-concept, what have you done or plan to do to put that into practice (action/application)

1.     How did you apply that learning

2.     Give an example/evidence of i) understanding the learning from the activity and ii) you putting the learning into practice

3.     What worked/ what didn’t work in your efforts to put the learning into practice and why

4.     What are your plans for future actions to apply this learning



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