Methods of managing capacity

1. Capacity and how could it affect operations
– capacity, capacity available, capacity management, capacity planning (resource planning, rough-cut capacity planning), capacity control
– capacity requirements planning (CRP)
2. Interconnected relationship between operational and supply networks
– supply and demand
– supply chain perspective
– network links (analysis of the network through understanding the downstream aspects of the network followed by the upstream parts of the network)
– supply network design (network configuration, operations locations decisions, long-term capacity management decisions)
– supply network configuration (pattern, shape or arrangement of the various operations that make supply network, how much of the network should be in house and how much should be outsourced)
– disintermediation
– co-opetition
– locations of operations (demand changes, supply changes and the objectives of the location decision)
3. The operations manager and the design of network configuration

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Methods of managing capacity
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