MAT-144 College Mathematics

For Major Assignment 3 in Topic 6, you will develop a project to provide humanitarian assistance to people in your local community. For this DQ, you will look ahead at the project instructions and take some time to think ahead about what you will need to do for this assignment.

Start by reviewing the instructions for the assignment and the Excel template in the assignment location in Topic 6. Then, respond to the following questions for this DQ:

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MAT-144 College Mathematics
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List at least 3 people or contact numbers that you might be able to reach out to help identify needs in your community. This can be representatives from local churches, charities, governmental, or non-governmental organizations. If you’d like, go ahead and make some calls; this will help you work ahead on the assignment.
List at least 2 groups of people you could assist. Ideally, you will be able to identify a very specific set of people that you will be able to help. For example, instead of saying that you will work with homeless people, you could see whether there’s a specific homeless shelter that might have some residents who would benefit from services that you could provide.
List at least one way in which you could structure an independent project to assist people. Here, you will want to think about what it would take to manage an aid program yourself, rather than volunteering with an existing program. For example, instead of saying that you will collect food and deliver it to an existing food bank, you would want to ask yourself what it would take to identify people who might need food and deliver the food to them directly.

Although it’s not required for this DQ, you’re also welcome to start working through the questions in the assignment instructions and the Excel template for the assignment.




Topic 3 DQ 2

Technology Assignment 2-3

Complete Technology Assignment 1 in Lesson 2-3 in the textbook. Use the template that is provided in the online resources this lesson. The hint is provided in the video called “Tech Hints QR 2-3.” Fill out the template and upload it with your reply to DQ 1.

To get the template, click on left nav bar and you will see the drop-down menu. As a student, select “instructor resources” and then click on “McGraw-Hill Resources.” You will then see ALL of the student resources that you can download.

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