Managerial Strategies

Managerial Strategies – First File – Due November 7, 2020

For this activity, you must:

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Managerial Strategies
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1. Reflect on the material you have reviewed and ask yourself, “what management strategies have you witnessed in the workplace? How do these align to the organization’s values or the behaviours that they encourage?”

2. Watch video – Work/Life Balance at BambooHR (2:02 min)

3. Answer the following questions about Bamboo HR.

a. What do you think are the goals and objectives of this organization?

b. What does the organization value in its employees? What behaviours do they encourage? What management strategies do they use to cultivate those attitudes/performances?


Compensation Strategy – Second File – Due November 13, 2020

In this assignment, you must gather information in order to create a compensation strategy that is consistent and aligned across an organization. The gathered information should clearly identify:

· The organization’s high-level approach to pay for each of its classes of employees – how will use direct/indirect/non-financial rewards?

· The level market competitiveness – will you lag, lead or match the market?

· The internal and external factors that will influence your decisions – think about the culture of the organization, how they are viewed by their competitors, legal requirements (such as Employment Standards), the makeup of the workforce (is it a multi-generational workforce, does it employ mostly male or female dominated roles, etc.), the type of business (is it a manufacturing facility, a high-tech start-up, etc.)

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