Gender Studies by Curtis Sittenfeld.

Directions Write an argumentative essay (1700-2100 words) in response to one of the following two questions. Your essay should feature a strong introduction, an argumentative thesis, transitions, topic sentences, relational sentences, an effective use of evidence, “so-what?” sentences, and a conclusion that is not a summary. You need to write concisely, precisely, and in the active voice. In short, you need to apply all the skills and techniques you developed in Module 2. Your essay must conform to MLA Style Guidelines. Please double space your essay and use 12pt font.

Please note: you do not have to answer all the questions raised in the essay prompt you choose. The questions are provided to help you develop a complicated response to the prompt. You should, in other words, formulate your response taking into consideration the prompt as a whole but without feeling you have to answer explicitly each point raised in the prompt. Please also remember that I am not asking you to provide me with your opinions on the topic. I am asking you to write an argument about how the text treats the issue.

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Gender Studies by Curtis Sittenfeld.
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1. In a recent essay, one of the foremost thinkers in sexuality studies highlights the importance of “shared social space[s] and the unfolding events that it allows. This ecological understanding of the space is reflected in the participants’ own understanding.” The social spaces in which we interact with others, in other words, play a much greater role both in shaping our behaviors and in our understanding of other people’s behaviors than we are usually willing to acknowledge. Our desires and willfulness are, from this perspective, shaped by the spaces we inhabit. Sittenfeld’s “Gender Studies” serves as a case study in this regard insofar as Nell’s interactions with Luke take place across a variety of spaces, from a shuttle van, to a parking lot, to a bar, to a hotel room. To what extent do the spaces she shares with Luke determine Nell’s actions? How do the spaces shape her understanding of both herself and Luke? Does it matter if these spaces are public or private? Does it matter whether Luke is present physically or only psychically (for example, when Nell goes for drinks with her colleagues)?

2. What do you think Sittenfeld’s “Gender Studies” is saying about the intersection of personal relationships and politics in America at the time the story is written (remember it was published in 2016)? Does the story suggest it is possible to separate personal ENGL 111.66: LITERATURE AND ACADEMIC WRITING I Assignment 2: Essay Assignment 2: Essay Copyright © 2020 Continuing & Distance Education, St. Francis Xavier University. All rights reserved. 2 Template version: 2019-08-06 relationships from politics, or does it suggest one should try to make this separation? Can you detectsome commentary about the state of American politics in this story? How does social position (class, education level/occupation, gender) factor into what this story is saying about American politics?

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