Everything is Green

Discussion Prompt
For this Discussion Board, I would like you to explore the concept of atmosphere in David Foster Wallace’s piece of flash fiction, “Everything Is Green.” For a story this short, it sure does devote a lot of space to describing the setting. So there is a lot of material to work with here. How would you describe this story’s atmosphere and why?

I am asking you to quote one line from the story that you believe captures its atmosphere. Then share with the class why you selected that line. What does it convey about the story’s atmosphere? Remember, atmosphere is all about mood, so describe what mood you think the line you have quoted represents and why. A good way to think about atmosphere, after all, is to consider how the story made you feel.

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Everything is Green
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2 posts – 1 original post & 1 response to another student’s post
Original post minimum word count: 50 words (more is welcome!)

1 Classmate post

I feel an imbalance atmosphere. I feel that this narrator expresses his love that is uneased. That when two things meet, they must meet in the middle for some are taking advantage.
He says, “In me there are needs which you can not even seen anymore, because there is too many needs in you in the way.”
I feel from this line, he means that she’s the problem to love. For reasons of, perhaps, of ethical ones. It seems he’s older, and maybe she’s a child. And, perhaps he feels wronged about it when loving her.

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