Critique Comments On Different Themes Photos

The Assignment is to make critique comments on different photos, each sets are photos of different people, the photos should be able to tell the viewers about different people’s lifestyle, hobbits, living environment or maybe what kind of job they have from the background or the movement of the people in the photos. And you need to make critique comments on every photos.
Need to write about the pros and cons of the photos, where they did well, and where didn’t, and what are the things the photo taker should be aware of next time, what are the things they need to change for the photos in order to make it looks better.
Please Check the example I have provided, read the example comments on those example photos, and open up the “(Actual Assignment) please fill” file, and fill up the critique comments you give on each photos, which need to be similar with the example I gave you, and upload this file as the final work.
If you have any question please contact me.

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Critique Comments On Different Themes Photos
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