Cooling Off Case Study

The goal: develop a policy statement regarding climate change and climate policy that meets the challenges identified by the scientific community and simultaneously is economically efficient, socially just, and politically feasible.

The details: You charged with producing a crisp, two-page policy statement (limit to 1300 words strictly adhere to)

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Cooling Off Case Study
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This policy statement should:

describe the key features that your group of experts believes Fahey should ensure are incorporated in any climate bill that he supports

include a clear rationale that explains the environmental, economic, and social justification for the policy

address the likely concerns of the Senator’s core constituency.
be structured such that it could be mailed with a letter to constituents who write requesting information on the Senator’s
position (i.e., your audience is an interested member of Fahey’s electorate)

avoid mentioning any of the individual characters by name

serve the needs of Senator Fahey and therefore it does not need to weigh the positions of the different experts equally

You are encouraged to be creative in your policy statement, but the point is to produce a credible position that addresses climate change, but is also politically defensible to the Senator’s constituency.

the case study is in the files

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