Two part creative writing

This is a two-part discussion board:

Part 1:
Review a copy of Healthy People 2020 and find quality assurance (QA) goals for care in the community. Devise ways that these goals could be met in your community.

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Two part creative writing
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Part 2:
Complete a windshield survey of your local area. You can do this by driving through an area and really noticing your community. You get the best picture of the area if you make two or three passes at different times and days. I suggest you have a driver so you can really take in what you see and what you don’t. Pretend you are seeing it through a stranger’s eyes. Are there sidewalks, people outside, businesses, police or fire stations, traffic, and parks in use? Reference your book for a more detailed description, Page 383 Table 17.5. Post your description to the Discussion

I will provide an example of how part two should be completed.

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