Key management and supervisory activities and skills

    • Study the range of supervision and management activities and the skills required to carry them through.

Good practice in management and control issues

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    • Identify recommended groundrules and boundaries for a positive supervision environment and relationship.

Personal management styles

    • Analyze different personal styles and consider the impacts on the supervisees.

Delegating in business control

    • When and how should you delegate?

Constructive criticism

    • Identify the impact on the supervisee and describe how to give feedback in a positive way.

Performance Management

    • How to use formal and informal processes of support, training and development in control issues.
    • Meetings and reviews to build up motivation and ensure effective performance.Introduce tools how to measure performance.

Personal development planning

    • How to plan on-going learning and development.
    • How does it benefit the supervisory skills?


    • When do you have to react with disciplinary measures?
    • How should you do it?

Reports as supervising tools

  • What and how much is essential?



The form of the toolkit is free of choice. The idea is that i build this toolkit to help me with upcoming challenges as a supervisor.

These are only some ideas – any additional ideas are welcome.

The optional length of the report is 2000

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