Poetry Analysis

Overview: Choice one of the following poets and analyze his or her poetry: Robert Frost “The Road Not Taken” p. 792-794 and “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening p. 852-853 Paul Laurence Dunbar “We Wear the Mask” p.958-959 and “Sympathy” p. 1024-1025 Emily Dickinson “Because I could not stop for Death” p. 807-808 and “I heard a Fly buzz—when I died” p. 933 Langston Hughes “I, Too, Sing America” pdf in Canvas and “Theme for English B” p. 1040-1041 Write an analysis on either of these poet’s use of imagery, figurative language, and/or symbolism, allusion, etc. You must choose a set of poems by the same poet.

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Poetry Analysis
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