k Innovative Spaces & Places

I just need a simple writing sample, that demonstrates my ability to cite sources and includes a list of references, works cited, or a bibliography page.
I can create a 2-3 page sample from scratch using APA guidelines
There are no word count minimums or maximums, they want me to submit a product

Create a Writing Sample from Scratch If you don’t have an existing writing sample, then you are free to create a new one. Start by picking any specific topic of interest to you. Some examples of previously submitted topics include: “How can painting workshops reduce stress for patients in the hospital?” or “How do dance classes impact the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease?”

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k Innovative Spaces & Places
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Innovative Spaces & Places : How can mobile art improve health outcomes in vulnerable communities?

I’m instructed to do some basic research on my topic for a simple 2-3 page essay (double-spaced) in APA format. Use formal language and well organized paragraphs in support of your research question. You can use the arts in medicine research database, https://scholar.google.com/, or a library journal database to research your topic.

Find about 4-6 scholarly sources to help form your conclusions.

Notes on APA format Whenever you state, paraphrase, or quote something that isn’t your own original idea, make sure to use an in-text citation crediting the author by last name and year published (Reina, 2019).
For my references section at the end of my paper, list my references in alphabetical order by last name of the primary author of each source. No need to make a title page or abstract for the purpose of this application writing sample.

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