International Event/Issue

Submit a one-page (minimum of 300 words) summary for your international event, story, or article. The International business topic is your choice. Helpful resources for the international business event/issue, story or article: Newsweek, Business Week, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, USA Today, Business 2.0, The Economist, National/Regional-Local radio/television/newspapers and Internet information sites. Please use events or “news” that have occurred recently and are internationally-business related.

Do not copy and paste an article. This paper must be referenced with sources and date. Use a References page (refer to the APA writing sources in student resources or Purdue OWL). Written assignments are submitted through Turnitin and high similarity scores could have points deducted. Paraphrase your words rather than directly quote or copy and paste; this will help with a lower similarity score.

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International Event/Issue
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