How would you interact as a professional social worker?

Becoming difference competent: how would you interact as a professional social worker?


Assessment Tasks
Individual written analytical essay (2000 words)


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How would you interact as a professional social worker?
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Social Workers and educators need to develop difference competent or difference sensitive practice.  These classes will explore how to work in ways that are difference competent, including more on being able to recognise your own reactions to difference. Specific case studies will be used as examples for students to engage with.

For the assessment, students need to select a particular area of difference(religion – Islam).  Building on your first essay, choose someone from one of the marginalized groups that we have studied in this subject and develop an argument for how would approach your professional engagement with this person of Islamic faith. Explain now you would go about working with them and any special considerations that you would need to take into consideration to ensure your practice is difference competent.

This is an analytical essay. You will need to be clear about the theoretical basis for your engagement. Ideas for it need to be drawn from the relevant literature and referenced appropriately.


TASK   2000 words.  Reaction to case study:  What would you do as a professional social worker?   Criteria for marking:
  • analyse what theories reflect how different people in this group(religion – Islam) are perceived in mainstream society?
  • articulate practice issues and dilemmas in relation to this difference
  • develop a plan for effective work with this difference, including practical ideas about how your practice would be inclusive and empowering
  • including articulation of how to work with ethical issues that might arise in working with members of this marginalized group
  • use a wide range relevant references and write in a clear, logical and creative style.


Enquiry 3 essay tips

  • In this essay it’s fine to use first person as you are asked to reflect again on your own experience.
  • You should start the essay by introducing a body of theory about the specific area of difference you are studying. It is critical to show your engagement with the literature and the ideas we have discussed this semester.
  • Need to reference 10 key academic articles. Engaging with literature that is outside the set course material will enable you to get a better mark by introducing new ideas to your essay.
  • Show how these ideas will inform your approach to working with people from the specific group, including how you will deal with any ethical issues that might arise.
  • You might decide to use sub-headers to clarify what you are discussing in each part of the essay.
  • Describe how you will reflect on the impact of your feelings.


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