How do Young Adults in Australia Cope with Cyberbullying?

This assignment is a 2500 word research report, describing the findings from the research topic. This assignment requires the use of the program IBM SPSS (IMPORTANT – must have this program), as this report is based on data from a survey which was undertaken by young Australians. This research project will focus on the prevalence of cyberbullying behaviours among different participant roles and compare the usage of certain coping behaviours and the negative effects experienced across different groups. We used a survey as a method using a few scales such as; DASS21, brief-cope, Rosenberg self-esteem scale, Final victim items and final perpetrator items (these will be attached to files). You will need to demonstrate the project development, design, analysis and interpretation. Your report will take the form of a formal research report, comprising abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, and reference sections, as well as any supporting information that might be required. I have added all the relevant files that are needed to complete this assignment. This includes files such as; instructions, rubric, report template, survey information and the survey itself, also the the data file (IBM SPSS) which was the results of those who participated in the survey. For the data file – There are a number of steps involved before being able to analyze the data so take your time screening the data, make a plan, record everything, and explore the data to get an understanding of the sample. These steps are important rather than trying to rush through it. I wish you all the best with completing this assignment. If you have any other questions or require further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Note: This is my final assignment for my unit and I am relying heavily on this assignment to successfully pass the unit. Please take care in completing this assignment to the best of your ability. Hope you can understand. Thank you in advance. I truly appreciate all your help.

415473Oct 23, 7:54 AM

Must have the software IMB SPSS statistics

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How do Young Adults in Australia Cope with Cyberbullying?
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