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  1. How would you define housing with support for seniors?





  1. What do you see as the unique features of housing with support for seniors?





  1. Do you regard Housing with support for older people as a growth area?  If so why?





  1. What role do you think housing with support plays/could play in relation to the provision of housing for older people in an Irish context?




  1. What if any housing with support projects are you aware of/involved in/considering in Ireland?




At international level


  1. Are you aware of any good practice housing with support projects in other jurisdictions (that would be useful to look at)

Do you know how these projects are funded?




Funding housing with support nationally There are a number of different funding strands needed for housing with support (in relation to 1) land acquisition 2) construction and 3) operation and staffing).





  1. Do you know how the housing with support projects have been funded to date?






  1. How do you think they could be funded in the future?




  • In relation to the construction of housing with support are private public partnerships a viable funding option?





Is mixed tenure a funding option and if so in what format?





  • How do you think the operation and staffing of housing with support could be funded?






  1. Is there anything further you want to add?


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