Honeybee waggle dance

In this literature review paper, both review articles and original papers are needed. ( the review articles are used for the introduction part and the conclusion part only, mostly need to use the original research papers).

The requirement is that “The students should understand the methodology of the research described so that they can critically assess the experimental basis of the conclusions drawn in these papers. After reading a number of relevant papers in the selected topics, the students will summarize the research findings, critically analyze the information obtain and propose the way forward; platform and written presentations are required”

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Honeybee waggle dance
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I planned to write something about the role, advantages, how can honeybee encode the dance information, Any factors affect the waggle dance, the evolution of dance and the ecological relationship between waggle dance and pollination ( eg there is caffeine in nectar) etc.

The main text should be divided to at least 2-3 main parts. Within the main parts, each small subheading parts should include 2-3 papers for the comparing and analyzing which paper is better or more comprehensive etc ( eg any limitations / any alternative interpretation/ provide insight into the future direction of the research).

The key things to do is try to integrate the experimental data from the original research paper, eg creating new graphs or adding some more explanation labels on the graph of the original papers etc. (The purpose is to make it easier to be understood, analyze the data and try to integrate them to present the finding.
( As the report also need to be presented by my own, it would be great if the writer can add some remarks for me to know how they integrate the data and explain it)

PS. I have already found some of the papers to see if they help, also the deadline can be further extended. 🙂
I also need to present the paper, there will be a further discussion if I find that I don’t understand some part of the paper. Thank you very much.

Detail of the requirement:

Each written report must contain at least 5,000 words and no more than 8,000 words; around 8 to 10 figures/tables/diagrams must be included. Any experimental data or other published information must be cited in accordance to the University guidelines on Honesty in Academic Work.

In brief, the manuscript should contain the following components:

1. Title

2. Abstract (within 400 words)

3. Keywords

4. Graphical Abstract (optional)

5. List of abbreviations and acronyms

6. Introduction (background), with aims of the paper at the end

7. Contents – _with listing of section headings and page numbers

8. Main text – _divided into section headings

9. Conclusions and future perspectives

10. References


The length of the review article should be around ~50 A4 pages (12pt font

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