European Exploration of Africa

I have gotten work from all but a couple of our classmates. It is more than time to do the next assignment. But before we  get into the next general assignment, permit me to “play” with some questions about the first.

  1. To what extent do you think command of the content of these two articles

equips you to discuss their central  points with someone already holding a Master’s Degree in Africana Studies?

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European Exploration of Africa
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  1. How does one account for the relative absence of Africana voices when there are  international conclaves on finance, military issues, epidemiology,


  1. From a professional standpoint, what would  you like be doing with your major three years from now,  six years from now?

The three above itemsare basically context  questions for you to reflect upon the vastness of Africana peoples as a demographic group (1.2 billion on the Continent, 150,000,000 in the western hemisphere) and what you may  know now in detail.

These  are not an assignment and I need not hear from you unless you  wish  to “say something.”

ASSIGNMENTon  pp. 93-118 “Diaspora Africans and  Slavery” and pp. 123-139 “Exploration and Conquest  of Africa.”  Please use no more the three pages per eachchapter.

In your write-up of pp. 93-118, do include your answer to  “power” questions #1:How could so few Europeans enslave so many Africans) and #4:how could/did a few Free/enslaved blacks’ actions “propel[led] the issues resulting in the Civil War.”  Specify. Think, think.

In your write-up of “European Exploration of Africa,”  incorporatein your answersStudy Questions on  page  139 #2 “Berlin Conference” and #5 “worst colonial policy.”

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