Education policy


In this essay Associates need to research, analyse, evaluate and describe the impact of various social and cultural contexts – including  race, ethnicity, gender, violence and digital technologies, on the development and implementation of education policy, school practice, and classroom teaching, on diverse learners. The paper is both a research and descriptive analysis essay where theoretical evidence is used in support of personal views and perspectives. Identify and analyse the issues clearly as evident in your school and community context. Describe relevant concepts with underpinning text references. Identify 3 of the aspects below as evident in your school context and describe how these factors impact on teaching and learning. YOU may also identify any other factors evident.

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Education policy
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How will/should you (and the school) address these issues to ensure effective learning by ALL students? Bring focus to identified problems and challenges by focusing on some of the following sub-‐topics: • Gender • Race and ethnicity • Religious diversity • Cultural diversity  • Home-school relations • Curriculum challenges

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