CP Project Proposal

Hi this project is separated into 2 parts. It requires you to write a 1. project proposal and 2. three annotated bibliography. My topic for the project is Wildfires in California, focusing on how the air pollution affects people’s health. You may even narrow down the topic a bit as you research on the topic and find something more specific. This is a small assignment below a larger project. The detail instructions for this specific assignment will be put below. And the prompt of this large project and a sample of the annotated bibliography will be put in the files section.

Below are the detailed instructions:
First Part:
The Project Proposal

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CP Project Proposal
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Craft a detailed proposal for your project in an MS Word file. Your proposal should be about one page, single-spaced (or about 400-500 words. In your proposal, sketch out your topic and begin to respond to the two main objectives of the Contexts Project Prompt:

1. research and deploy various types of sources to describe, contextualize, and analyze a significant contemporary political/social/cultural problem;
​2. summarize and evaluate conversations and debates happening between credible scholars, thinkers, and organizations about your topic.
You will be able to apply this proposal directly to your rough draft, so this is a great time to start integrating quotes and dealing with specific sources. Make sure you’re using MLA for all citations, including parenthetical in-text citations. You may arrange the page however you see fit, using paragraphs, section headings, and bullet points to present your project. You can also start to bring in visual modes, as well, if you’d like to start developing your use of multimodal evidence.

Second Part:
Expanded Annotated Bibliography

Following your proposal, present your annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography should include the three annotations you created last week, plus three new source annotations. You should have six annotations in total. Organize these annotations in alphabetical order by author’s last name. You are welcome to edit/expand the annotations you submitted last week, as desired.

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