African American Studies

textbook: African Americana Studies: A Survey of Africa and the African Diaspora, 4th edition, 746 pages (Durham, North Carolina Press, 2019 has been commissioned some 28 articles where as 13 were selected for individual summary write ups. I have to submit 3 in which I need 4 pages each.

Essay 3:
Two New Summary Write-up Assignments. Due 8 PM,
Tuesday, October 27. [Please MSN- WORD so I can comment
directly on your work. I am not into Acrobat.]
“Continental Africans and Africans in America,” pp. 291-317.
Be sure to include your own answer to Question #4, on page
and “The Pan-African Movement,” pp.221-236. Be sure to
include your own answer to
Question 4, on p. 235.
Length per summary of two pages nor more than three pages.

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African American Studies
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Essay 2:
ASSIGNMENT on pp. 93-118 “Diaspora Africans and Slavery” and pp. 123-139
“Exploration and Conquest of Africa.” Please use no more the three pages per
each chapter.
In your write-up of pp. 93-118, do include your answer to “power” questions #1:
How could so few Europeans enslave so many Africans) and #4: how could/did a
few Free/enslaved blacks’ actions “propel[led] the issues resulting in the Civil
War.” Specify. Think, think.
In your write-up of “European Exploration of Africa,” incorporate in your answers
Study Questions on page 139 #2 “Berlin Conference” and #5 “worst colonial

Essay 1:
Please compare articles numbered ! (Azevedo) “African Studies… .”, and 2 (Chapman) “ African American Studies… .” stressing a) the main point of the respective articles, b) list the major supporting points of each , c) ease/difficulty of analysis and d) evaluation of each as a contribution to understanding the field of African American Studies. The treatment of thee two articles should total no less than four pages nor more than five pages. II hope everybody by now has the TEXT.

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