XCP Instrument Scenario

A woman is scheduled for a full series of radiographs. The dental radiographer is using the XCP instruments for the series and is prepared to start the procedure. Upon placement of the XCP and film in the patient’s mouth, the patient appears to be very uncomfortable with the procedure and removes the XCP and film immediately, stating she is in pain. She says it hurts the roof of her mouth and she can’t bite down to hold it in place.

1. What adjustments will the dental radiographer need to make with this radiographic technique?

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XCP Instrument Scenario
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Be sure that your initial post includes two sources: one from the book and one from an outside source that must be a reputable source (professional journals or scientific literature – WebMD, Wikipedia, and similar sites are not acceptable sources of information). You must cite your sources in your text using in-text citations and also cite them at the bottom of your post. All citations should be in APA format. 200 word minimum

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