Synthesis Essay

1. Synthesis essay

Basic requirements for each part:

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Synthesis Essay
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– Introduction: The writer must complete an introduction section of one or more paragraphs with a hook, basic background on the topic, and the thesis statement.

– Body: The writer must complete body paragraphs that share facts and commentary on the main topic and that have clear cohesion via the use of transitional words and phrases as well as topic, concluding, and transitional sentences.

– Conclusion: The writer must complete body sections of multiple paragraphs with proper format. These paragraphs will discuss the topic, addressing all of the points laid out in the topic prompt.

2. Word count: 4000-4500 words with parts’ word count:

· 1500 words (introduction)

· 2000-2500 words (body)

· 1000 words (conclusion)

3. Sources: at least 8 sources which are given in the file “Reference Page”. Please use more than 8 sources. The Reference page must include the summary of the document; information taken from that document and the credential of the sources/author/organization ..etc as given format.

*** More sources would be:

+ The film “A place at the table”: this 2013 documentary talked about the story of several individuals who face inadequate dietary resources on a daily basis. Food security and obesity live in close quarters. It creates another lens to understand the sentence “The next meal never comes”. In this situation, it’s that when the next meal arrives, too often it is filled with empty calories.

+ Access to the United States Department of Agriculture Food Access Atlas à Desert locator; Food insecurity measurement: LI: low-income and LA: low-access.

+ Household Food Insecurity is Associated with Higher Adiposity among US Schoolchildren Ages 10–15 Years: The Healthy Communities Study – The Journal of Nutrition, Volume 149, Issue 9, September 2019, Pages 1642–1650, Published: 07 June 2019

+ Food dessert:

+ The Early Food Insecurity Impacts of COVID-19

4. Format style: APA, including title page, running head on each page, and page numbers on each page.

· 12-pt Times New Roman or Courier New

· Double-spacing

· No extra spacing between paragraphs

· Default margins in Word Document

5. Topic and subtopics:

– Main topic: Food Insecurity and Obesity in the Covid 19 Pandemic in the United States

– Required 4 subtopics:

+ The basic concept/definition of food insecurity and hunger

+ Food dessert/Food insecurity measurement

+ How the food insecurity causes/impacts on obesity? How about the people live in food insecurity in food desserts and obesity?

+ The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on food insecurity and Obesity.

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