Social Welfare Policy and Service Delivery

Social Welfare Policy and Service Delivery I

Policy Analysis Grading Rubric

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Social Welfare Policy and Service Delivery
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Qualities & Criteria Fully Meets Objective Marginally Meets Objective Fails to Meet Objective
1.       Introduction/Overview Concise statement of policy topic/specific title of legislation that includes why policy is important to social work. Statement of policy topic is unclear and/or missing title, or fails to include why the policy is important to social work. Policy topic & importance to social work not specified.
2.       Social Problem Description Social problem that necessitated the policy is described using empirical data.


Social problem is described generally through anecdote without data. The social problem that necessitated the policy is inadequately or vaguely described.
3.       Historical Background Historical background section situates the development of the policy in a specific political and economic context, and specifies supporters and opponents of legislation (politicians and or advocates), full description of legislative history, and any historically important details that contributed to its passage are presented chronologically.


Some elements of the historical background are missing, supporters and opponents are not specifically identified.  Legislative history is incomplete, or not presented chronologically.



Historical background is absent.  Political and economic context is not appropriately understood.
4.       Policy Description Complete and clear policy description that includes: theoretical or scientific basis of policy, who is eligible and for what, implementation details, expected goals and outcomes, administrative auspices/enforcement, and funding source.


Unclear description of the policy, or description that lacks elements outlined in assignment. Policy is so poorly described that its intent is unclear.
5.       Policy Evaluation Concise presentation of data that speaks to the success or failure of the policy, including conflicting data that speaks to political controversies about policy effectiveness. Policy evaluation does not include data, only anecdotal data or opinions are used to evaluate policy,  or data presented are inadequate to evaluate the policy. Policy evaluation is absent.
6.       Student Conclusions Students express their own views on the policy reflecting analysis results and social work values. Students views do not correlate with their analysis and/or fail to respond to social work values Students do not clearly indicate their own conclusions after completing the policy analysis
7.       Writing Skills Writing is clear, well-edited and free of grammatical errors.  A minimum of 5 references are cited using correct APA formatting.  Page length minimums and maximums are observed. Writing is basically acceptable, but needs improvement in a single area and/or APA formatting for citations is incorrect. Writing is unacceptable or needs improvement in more than one area, including APA formatting of citations.
8.       Social Justice Conceptualization The student integrates one theory or conceptual framework that links policy analysis to social justice Theoretical/ conceptual framework is unclear, or multiple approaches are combined illogically. Theoretical approach/conceptual framework is absent, or material is misunderstood and applied incorrectly.
9.       Quality of Content Integration of required readings and other appropriate policy texts.  Interpretation is insightful and accurate. Additional sources are appropriate and evidence good library skills. Required readings and other material is not well integrated.  Outside sources are inadequate to cover the topic. Additional sources appear to have been identified using only the internet. Required readings and other material not integrated into the paper.  Lack of outside sources demonstrates failure to properly utilize library resources.


Competency 3: Advance Human Rights and Social, Economic, and EnvironmentalJustice

* c. Actively apply a critical lens to advanced social work practice using a human rights and social justice perspective.

SW670- Final Policy Analysis

Part 8: Social Justice Conceptualization


Competency 5: Engage in Policy Practice

  1. Identifysocialpolicyatthelocal,state,andfederallevelthatimpactswell-being,servicedelivery,andaccesstosocialservices.

SW670- Final Policy Assignment

Part 2: Social Problem Description

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