Social media is a poor source for current news

For this essay, I gave you a list of topics from which to choose.* In Week 7, you began conducting research for your paper and submitted an annotated bibliography. Refer to that research as you write this essay.

Here are the requirements for essay 2:

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Social media is a poor source for current news
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Four (4) to five (5) pages (not counting your Works Cited). If you have at least two full lines of writing on your fourth page, that counts!
Four (4) credible sources.*

For a strong argument, be sure to:

Support your claims with credible source information and sound reasoning. (logos and ethos)
Explore all sides of the issue, providing a valid counterclaim to your argument. (don’t go weak here. If you use a weak, and therefore, easily defeated counterargument, your audience will see right through that, damaging your ethos and logos.)
Create a strong rebuttal that shows the weakness in the counterclaim, crushing it. (logos and ethos)
Show your audience why they should care. (pathos)
Maintain a balance of the persuasive appeals, logos, pathos, and ethos.
Avoid using fallacies.


* Essay 2 Topic

Social media is a poor source for current news
(Links to an external site.)

*Make sure your sources pass the CRAAP test!

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