Topic Choice 1: Based on the “Salvation” essay

Langston Hughes’ “Salvation” essay purposely examines religion from the perspective of a particularly memorable childhood experience. In the essay, Langston Hughes clearly says that he comes away from the revival experience no longer believing “there was a Jesus anymore, since He didn’t come to help” (669) when Hughes felt he most needed Jesus. If you select this essay as a topic,

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First, examine the essay title. Do you find Hughes’ attitude at the end of his essay regarding religion to be ironic, meaning do you find the essay title, “Salvation” to be incongruent with what he says at the end of the essay? WHY or WHY NOT? Explain.

Next, based on your reading of his essay, WHY DO YOU THINK that childhood in particular is a time in life when religious questions are especially relevant (significant)? Write an essay which explores answers to both of these questions.

Mandatory Requirements for Developing Topic Choice 1:

The body of your essay must include and discuss specific ideas from Hughes’ essay in support of your essay response.
Do not simply summarize or directly quote ideas from Hughes’ essay. Explain how why or in what way each idea you select supports the thesis of your essay.
You are also specifically required to use concrete examples from your own life experiences to support your response for Topic Choice One.
Include MLA formatted internal citations for ALL ideas borrowed from the Hughes’ essay (whether paraphrased or directly quoted) and a work cited page entry at the end of your paper. Treat Hughes essay as a printed source.

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