Public Service

Identify a public service announcement and compose a 3-4 page essay where you write about the specific rhetorical ways that the PSA conveys its message.
In other words, you will talk about the rhetorical elements (devices) that the PSA uses to illustrate its message to the audience. You will also talk about what the message is, if it is persuasive, and if the rhetorical elements successfully illustrate the message. Avoid simply saying that the PSA uses ethos, pathos, or logos when you write your thesis statement. Your thesis should illustrate how the PSA uses ethos, pathos, and logos, or any other specific rhetorical devices like rhetorical questions etc. to underscore its message. In other words, does the PSA have experts as spokespersons featured in the ad to solidify its ethos? Does the PSA show symbols that would spur emotions in the audience? If so, what kind of emotions? Finally, does the PSA use facts, examples, testimonials as evidence to convey its message for logos? Remember, your thesis should be one sentence, so be creative in how you write it. It should be succinct and to the point.

Below is a list of PSA that you can choose to write about for this paper:

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Public Service
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Levi’s Vote PSA with Hailey Bieber and Oge Egbuonu from Levi’s: a. ****(This one if you can, if not it’s OK)***

The Ad Council has many types of PSA videos and print ads that you could select. The following is the Ad Council’s page that features all of their PSA campaigns. Once you are on the Ad Council’s website, scroll down the page to find a variety of topics that have images. Click the links below the images to be directed to a page that will have a PSA print ad and PSA videos for that specific topic: a.

Criteria: • 3-4-page essay • Select a PSA from the list above.
• Write a rhetorical analysis essay on the PSA. Make sure to write about how the PSA uses rhetorical devices and what rhetorical devices the PSA uses to convey its message. Furthermore, state what the message is.
• Be sure to include an introduction that contains the following elements: o a captivating hook o a description of the PSA o the title of the PSA in italics as well as the company or organization that created the PSA o last sentence that should be an identifiable thesis statement
• Include body paragraphs that contain the following elements: o Topic sentence that begins the paragraph—sets the tone and tenor of the body paragraph with the point about the rhetorical device that is reflected in the PSA and its level of persuasiveness By using specific and relevant major supporting details, prove that the PSA uses this specific rhetorical device to demonstrate its overall message—reference any evidence from the PSA like examples, descriptions, facts, any reasons that you have that would explain your topic sentence point
• You have an option to include minor details that explains these major details further. Transition words that create coherence like furthermore, for example, in addition, therefore etc. Concluding sentence that wraps up the body paragraph
• Include a conclusion paragraph.
• Include a Works Cited page that references a citation for a video or print ad (see MLA guidelines on how to format based on this specific source).
• Include in-text citations for video or print ad (see MLA guidelines on how to format from this specific source) with paraphrases, summaries, and direct quotes in the paper

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