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You are employed in the Marketing Department of a manufacturing business which is currently experiencing high growth. The Marketing Director needs to launch several new brands and re-launch others and he is concerned about the level of expertise in the Department and the budget he has been given. He is organising a series of lunchtime seminars for all staff in the Department. Knowing that you studied marketing as part of your qualification, he has asked you to prepare a reference file for all participants as well as those who are not able to attend. The file will be retained in the organisation’s Dropbox so that additional information can be added.


This file should be easy to use, formal and appropriately structured.  Where appropriate, you should use academic theories, supported by relevant examples of one or more brands and/or organisations that you know well.  This will aid understanding. They could include examples from your current or previous place of work, where you work in a voluntary capacity or case study material. You may also be able to gather information about specific brands/organisations from press releases and company websites.


The following tasks indicate different sections of the file.


Task 1 The Importance of Marketing

So that all members of the Department are clear about the importance of marketing to the success of an organisation you need to ensure they understand the concept of marketing and its strategic role.


Using specific organisations, analyse the relationship between their marketing strategy and their vision, mission and business strategy


Task 2 Building a Marketing Strategy

Stage 1 – Analysis

Before building a strategy, the marketing environment must be analysed.

  1. Evaluate the tools and techniques available for analysing key areas of the marketing environment and explain those which could be used to analyse the market environment in specific, identified business situations (AC 1.3)
  2. You will need to know about consumer and competitor behaviours. Some of this will be provided by research.  Analyse the role of market research in  business decision making


Stage 2 – Planning

Using one or more organisations and different business situations to illustrate your answers

  1. critically analyse the relationship between marketing strategy, strategic market analysis, marketing goals and marketing actions
  2. explain how an overview of their strategic position and an understanding of their competitors impact on marketing strategy
  3. critically analyse the links between growth strategies and the main types of strategic marketing objectives
  4. explain how marketing strategies l contribute to sustainable competitive advantage
  5. examine the factors that will influence consumer choice and behaviour


Stage 3 – Segmentation

  1. Differentiate between market segmentation and product differentiation
  2. Compare and contrast different targeting approaches
  3. Critically analyse the process and function of positioning, applying your thoughts to a specific organisation


Task 3 – Implementation and the marketing mix

The marketing mix is the key tool used to guide implementation.  With application to your selected organisation and business situations (used in the planning of your marketing strategy) you must:

  1. assess the role of the marketing mix in the implementation of your marketing strategy
  2. evaluate the role of product development and branding
  3. critically analyse the impact costing and pricing decisions have on competitive advantage
  4. critically analyse the role and purpose of marketing communication as part of the marketing mix
  5. explain how retailing and channel management, as part of the marketing mix, contribute to competitive advantage


Task 4

Some of the members of the Marketing Department have come from the tertiary and public sectors and are less familiar with the manufacturing environment.

  1. Compare and contrast marketing strategies in commercial, not for profit organisations and the public sector and analyse the use of marketing techniques in each of the sectors
  2. Evaluate the impact of marketing on social and political change


Remember to use examples from your research to illustrate your work.

Double spacing formatting required.

Harvard referencing style.



Guidelines for assessors


The assignments submitted by learners must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by the assessment criteria for the unit.  The suggested evidence listed below is how learners can demonstrate that they have met the required standard.


Task number Suggested evidence
1 The learner must produce a well-structured file in a style appropriate for people working in varying roles within a marketing department of an organisation. The file will address the requirements of all of the command verbs stated in the assessment criteria and provide detailed information. All work must be comprehensive and demonstrate understanding of the Learning Outcomes specified in the unit.
Task 1 The analysis of the relationship between vision, mission and business strategy must be comprehensive using several organisations (ideally from different sectors) to exemplify.
Task 2 – Stage 1 The evaluation of tools and techniques to analyse key areas of the marketing environment must cover all common tools and techniques used and the explanation will detail their use in a range of different business situations.  The assessment of the role of market research will exemplify its use in a range of different business situations
Task 2 – Stage 2 The learner must exemplify relevant theory with actual practice by choosing one or more organisations and applying the theories to the business situations that arise within that organisation.
Task 2 – Stage 3 The differentiation between market segmentation and product differentiation will be theoretically sound. The comparison of different targeting approaches will provide examples from a range of organisations whereas the analysis of the process and function of positioning will be applied to the specific organisation used in Stage 1 and 2 of this task
Task 3 All answers to task 3 must show a thorough understanding of theory and how it will be applied (to the specific organisation used in the previous task).
Task 4 The comparison and contrast of marketing strategies and the analysis of techniques used must demonstrate a thorough understanding of different sectors with examples of how a range of strategies and techniques are used.

The evaluation of the impact of marketing on social and political change provides the opportunity for learners to express their thoughts although these must be substantiated.



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