Interpersonal and Intercultural Negotiations

Case study under spotlight Background description
What it the case study?  
What is the focal issue discussed/portrayed in the case study?  
Why is the case study chosen?

(e.g., relevance to the unit content, social significance)

Theoretical analysis Analysis/Explanation (e.g., definition, frameworks, critiques)
Definition of the issue (e.g., race, othering, exotification, representation)  
Theoretical principles in relation to the case details/evidence (e.g., transcripts, artefacts, episodes, images)

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Interpersonal and Intercultural Negotiations
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·         Example 1

·         Example 2

·         Example 3

Critical thinking

·         What is the problem of presenting the issue in a particular way?

·         What are the underlying assumptions?

·         What is your criticism?

Reflection Recommendations and implications
What would be your recommendations to address the issue as identified and analysed in the case study?  
Why are your recommendations reasonable and viable? (e.g., give step-by-step action plan to resolve the real-world problem)  


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