How Are Monotypes Similar To Painting And Drawing

How are monotypes similar to painting and drawing, and how are they different? Why would an artist choose to create monotypes rather than a painting on canvas? What are the advantages of monotype over painting? Discuss artwork from the book in your answer.

General requirements: Essays should be at least three-hundred words in length. Essays can be formatted in Chicago, MLA or APA style. The style is less important than maintaining a consistent format throughout the essay. A list of references at the end is necessary only if outside references have been used in the essay. No smaller than a 10 point font should be used. Essays should be double spaced.

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How Are Monotypes Similar To Painting And Drawing
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If you are attaching a file, click on “Browse My Computer” and select paper from your computer. CHECK THE FILE EXTENSION AFTER YOU SUBMIT THE DOCUMENT AND MAKE SURE IT IS *.DOC. *.DOCX or *.PDF. Essays can also be typed (or copied and pasted) by clicking on the “Type Submission”; emailed documents will not be accepted.

There are 5 points possible for this essay.

The essay will be graded on the following criteria as outlined in the ART Writing Rubric:

30% Knowledge and use of the Elements and Principles of Design

30% Content, Subject Matter, Sources

20% Context of Art Consideration

10% Intro and Conclusion

10% Grammar, Sentence Structure, and Mechanic

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