Financing Health Care and Health Insurance

a. Provide solutions for the case in roughly two to three pages.
b. Marks will be awarded for a logical approach as well as accurate content.
c. All typed work should be in Times New Roman [font size 12]. All work should be double-spaced.
d. Please use correct APA 7.
e. A minimum of 5 references are required.
f. References should be less than 7 years old and at least 5 peer-reviewed journal articles or reputable websites. Sources like Newspapers, Wikipedia are unacceptable for use as a reference.
h. Similarity index for this assignment is at 20%. Any paper with a similarity index greater than 20% will be penalized, not including honor code or references.
I. Please see the grading rubric for score allotments. All assignments will only be evaluated using the grading rubric. All grades on BLACKBOARD are final.
J. Please submit the assignments in the designated Drop Box in BLACKBOARD. NO other submission method is acceptable.

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Financing Health Care and Health Insurance
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