Critique of Systematic Review

Select a systematic review article related to your problem of interest (PICOT); I have attached the systematic review article, select a review for a nursing topic of interest. Please Upload the article to the Research Critique: Systematic Review. Critically read the article and critique it – then answer the following questions.  This is not a formal APA paper.

Article Reference (APA – 5 points)

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Critique of Systematic Review
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Critique of Systematic Review (50 points/3 points each)

  1. What is the stated research problem and/or research questions?
  2. What is the scope of the project? Is it appropriate?
  3. What were the criteria for selecting primary studies, and are the criteria defensible?
  4. Were the bibliographic databases used by the reviewers identified, and are they appropriate and comprehensive?
  5. What were the keywords used?
  6. What was the defined set of criteria or the validated quality appraisal scale that was used?
  7. Did two or more people do the appraisals, and was interrater reliability reported?
  8. What information was used in selecting studies or analyzing results?
  9. Was adequate information extracted about the study design, sample characteristics, and study findings?
  10. What steps were taken to enhance the integrity of the data set (e.g., Were two or more people used to extract and record information for analysis)?
  11. What was the method of pooling and integrating the data?
  12. How were tables, figures, and text used to summarize findings?  Was it effective?
  13. What were the reviewer’s conclusions about their results and about the quality of evidence relating to the research question?
  14. What were the limitations of the review/synthesis?
  15. What were the implications for nursing and health care practice?

This assignment will be submitted and automatically run through Turnitin

This is one of the references to be used

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