Cables and Wires

Cables and Wires – Physical Media Project

This is a research project that will have you research the current state of the art in Wired Communications as well as having you examine (virtually) a typical Ethernet cable (the most common type of cable used for wired networks). Reminder, this is worth 5% of your final mark!

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Cables and Wires
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Part 1

For Part 1 of the Project, research the following terms and compare or contrast the technology used.

The following Cable types –

Cat 3 Unshielded

Cat 5 Unshielded

Cat 5e Unshielded

Cat 6 Shielded or Unshielded

Cat 6a Shielded

Cat 7 Shielded

Cat 7a Shielded

Cat 8 Shielded

In your explanation mention throughput and maximum length.

Explain the differences between the following terms:

Shielded – Unshielded

Stranded core – Solid core

Plenum Rated – non-plenum rated.

Explain how knowing this information might be needed to purchase the right cable.

Part 2

Keeping what you learned in Part 1 in mind, what sort of termination (ends) do we put on these cables? Do we use the same for all? Provide pictures of the different ends with your submission?.


TAKE NOTE: This is a formal writeup so use APA formatting and citations!

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