Alzheimer’s Disease

This paper will be focused on conducting a complete study on the different causes, impacts, and reasons for Alzheimer’s disease. The purpose of this research is to learn about the various circumstances in which Alzheimer’s can be treated or diagnosed. Alzheimer’s is a disease that is somewhat of a brain disease having a lot of serious impactson the brain and memory. It is a measure of the forgetfulness that a person faces. The disease has been common in mainly old people and it has contributed to the development of serious issues related to memory loss. People facing this disease have a lot of chances of developing severe brain damage(What Is Alzheimer’s?, 2020). It is important to study this disease and learn about certain facts so that awareness can be gained about this disease. Alzheimer’s disease is currently the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States, but late estimates suggest that the disorder may be the leading cause of death in old age people, by causing severe brain damage as mentioned earlier.Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia in inexperienced adults. Dementia is the loss of mental function, memory, and reasoning and the ability to maintain a person’s day and life activities to the extent that it interferes(Iqbal et al., 1989). From the mild stage of dementia, when it begins to affect a person’s work, to the most severe stage, a person should rely only on others for basic daily activities.

The causes of dementia can vary by brain type. Various dementias include leukemia dementia, frontal temporal disorder, and vascular dementia. It is fundamental to mixed dementia in individuals – a combination of at least two types of dementia(Raskind et al., 1995). For example, some people have both Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. The scope of this research will be based on stating the various factors that can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease and how it can affect the social life of people.

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Dementia that is caused by Alzheimer’s is worsened depending on the kind of brain activity. People often tend to have a lot of issues due to the ill effects of dementia that have permanent brain damage. Many issues about the overall scenario during this conditionare related to the patient being unaware of the major issues that he is facing. There are a lot of issues that the patient has to face apart from memory loss. Deprivation and feeling of anxiety are the simple issues that the patients face and they are then the reason behind the worsening of their condition.

Age Group:

The disease is not considered a normal condition or a condition that is due to the normal part of aging. It is estimated that people of 65 years of age and above face this situation and often tend to lose their memory.With that being said, one must think that this disease is caused due to old age and loss of concentration and brain activity(Chui, 1996). Rather it is caused mostly in people of young age as well. A specific term referred to as the ‘younger onset’ is used to describe the condition of young people who face this disease. There are approximately 200,000 Americans of the world who are under the age of 65 and are facing the younger or earlier onset of Alzheimer’s disease.


Some diseases are progressive and they can have serious issues when they are matured. Alzheimer’s is one of those diseases. The condition of the patient tends to get worse over time and people face dementia symptoms more severely(Chui, 1996). So it is dependent on the maturity of the brain in determining the severity of the disease. When the disease begins to pick up, it starts with mild symptoms such aslosing the memory on a small scale and unable to continue or engage in any conversations that were being held. Even though the disease is just a mere memory loss and not a lot of issues are faced, still it is considered to be deadly. Alzheimer’s is a deadly disease in the United States that stands on sixth amongst most deadly diseases. Although it is a deadly disease still there are cases where the people are living upto 4 to 5 years and sometimes the people live up to 20 years after diagnosis.


Alzheimer’s is a disease that pushes a person into falling deep inside his mind towards darkness. This darkness is signified by the inability to remember things and losing sight of any past experiences(Iqbal et al., 1989). A person facing Alzheimer’s is not able to understand simple meanings to life due to his brain damage. He falls behind in life because of the deprivation he faces as a result of the brain memory loss. Many issues arise as a result of brain damage and can lead to serious complications later on in life.


Although, Alzheimer’s does not have a proper cure and some serious issues are resulting in the lack of proper cure. The cure to this disease needs to be found and one of the most effective modes of curing or preventing this disease is through gene transfer. APOE gene is a risk factor that can cause serious dementia. This gene is related to bringing about brain damage and this may result in severe losses(Budson, 2019). An additional mutation in the APOE gene can prevent the patient from developing any symptoms when in the early onset of the disease. Such issues can cause long-term problems later on which in turn become a pain for the patient as well their caretakers.

This gene can cause serious brain damage so generally, it is preferred to keep a check on the mutations. There are mostly three common forms of the APOE gene that are present in the field of medical science. The relative percentage of people with three gene types are shown below:(Budson, 2019)

Gene Type Percentage
APOE2 5-10%
APOE3 70-75%
APOE4 15-20%

The risk factor involved in developing Alzheimer’s is based on the concentration of these gene types. “If you have one APOE4 gene, your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease is three to four times more likely than if you only have APOE3 genes. If you have one APOE2 gene, your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease is somewhat less than if you only have APOE3 genes.”

The main cure for this disease can be brought about by controlling the concentration of these APOE gene types. The mutations generally cause the results to vary significantly and proper steps must be taken to avoid any serious issues to the patients. These issues can have a significant impact on the lives of Alzheimer’s patient and they need proper medication to stop this gene. It is not a permanent cure but it is probably the best option for curing the disease.


To conclude it can be said that, Alzheimer’s is a disease that does not have a lot of cures and it is mostly referred to as adisease that has serious implications for brain damage. Any disease that can have significant impacts on mental health and brain damage is always lethal to human beings. The most significant cases are referred to as brain cancer and they also push a person to lose their memory and significant pain. Dementia in Alzheimer’s can have significant impacts on the well-being of people. There are no current cures that are available for treating this disease but it is expected that soon the researches being conducted would yield positive results.The current treatments are unable to treat the condition but it can minimize the risk of developing regular and chronic brain damage that can be very painful. In a way that both the patient as well as the caretaker might have to deal with a lot of problems. A worldwide campaign is required to effectively treat the APOE gene condition and to devise a proper mechanism to treat these patients.

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