Admission Goal Statement Essay for Nursing School

I am applying to an accelerated nursing program and I would like a a goal statement written that will bring the admissions attention as well as the faculty. Please write an outstanding admission essay.

Goal statement topics; Each of the following topes MUST be addressed within your Goal statement.
1. What is your current career and why do you wish to transition to a career in nursing at this point in your life?
2. describe how you plan to handle the return to school and the demands of full-time study in an accelerated program?
3. describe the characteristics you believe you possess that will make you a good nurse and a student leader?
4. Provide an example of when you believe you demonstrated your leadership qualities.

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Admission Goal Statement Essay for Nursing School
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My mother has had lupus for 14 years now ..maybe i could include that in the essay how that has driven me to want to become a nurse ( that is just a thought in the introduction)

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