Why we avoid negotiating (A Negotiation Skill Course)

At the beginning of the semester, we had a quiz Job Description for Sourcing Positions, one of the responsibilities most of you don’t like is negotiation. However, negotiation is part of our lives (you do negotiate when you buy a car or a house, right), whether you want to pursue a career in sourcing or not. Hence, negotiation is a skill that we all should learn and improve.

Please log onto LinkedIn Learning with your UNT credential on below link.

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Why we avoid negotiating (A Negotiation Skill Course)
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This is a beginner negotiation skill course by Chris Croft. It takes about 2.5 hours to finish the course.

After you finish the course, please start a new post and post your certificate in the discussion broad. In addition, please answer the following questions

1. After taking the course, does it change your feeling about negotiation? And why?

2. Where do we need negotiation skill in sourcing?

This is a 10 points discussion with a possibility of getting 5 extra points by finishing the course and posting your thoughts.



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