Week 6 philosophy

This order has two part. (don’t worry about word counting as long as you answer the questions)

Part 1:
After you have written out the argument about Donald Trump mentioned in this week’s PowerPoint, please write out the following arguments.

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Week 6 philosophy
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Remember. Start with the end in mind. Your claim (see below) is also your conclusion.

Have three premises per argument and two pieces (kinds) of evidence per premise.

Claim 01: Pizza is best when it has pineapple on it. (This claim could be considered a value assumption.)

Claim 02: Darth Vader would make an excellent Emperor. (This could be considered by a reality assumption.)

Claim 03: People should wear face masks in public. (This could be considered a value assumption.)

Part 2:
This week we’re going to watch “Toxic Sludge Is Good For You”–a film based on the book of the same name. This is an exploration, rather like “The Persuaders” which we’ll watch next week, of the advertising and public relations industry, especially as it has to do with news. Some of this information, you’ve encountered before.

The film is available at Course Films here on bbLearn.(sorry I can’t post the link here, please find the film by yourself)

Here’s the question. What does it mean when “news” is informed and decided by advertising? How does one actually find out what the news is?

Please write 100-120 words in response. Don’t cheat. Remain anonymous. Double space. 12-point font.

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