Speech. of explanation

When we talk about a speech of explanation, we are talking about a speech that explains a topic. It answers the question why or what, not how or how to. Why because talking about how or how to deals with the previous speech the Demonstration speech. That is past. The speech you are addressing is the speech of explanation. You are staying with the same topic you selected from the beginning of the semester. However, you will need to phrase it in a way that it addresses some aspect of explaining the why or what of a topic. For example, let’s say the topic is NYC water. If your speech was a Demonstration Speech, you could phrase it as such: How Water in NYC is Filtrated. Notice. The topic indicates that this is going to be a process, step by step.

However, since the second speech is a Speech of Explanation you want to address the aspect of what or why. You can phrase the same topic and talk about Why NYC follows Stringent Drinking Water Filtration Guidelines or the topic could be phrased as Guidelines NYC Follows to Ensure Clean Drinking Water. This topic answers the question of what. After you phrase your topic, carve out your General purpose: To Inform (Demonstrate). Now go here: Specific Purpose: At the end of the speech the audience will be able to ………………………. From here, begin building your introduction (Attention Getter, Relate Topic, Credibility Statement, Blueprint). Now go to the body of the speech. Make sure you use the Roman numerals and sub points and sub sub points and sub sub sub points correctly. Indent as indicated as the earlier videos you watched about outlining.

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Speech. of explanation
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Lastly, Carve out your conclusion. Label all the parts in the conclusion to show me that you know what you are doing. I will send you one or two samples and anything else that is helpful. Look at the videos to see how the speaker begins his or her speech and continues throughout. Try to identify everything he uses in the speech. It is not just being used randomly. He or she is using it with a purpose in mind.

Make certain to label all the parts of the introduction as well as in the conclusion. Also, instead of using the word “attention getter,” replace it with the specific name of the attention getter you are using, such as question, rhetorical question, startling statement, pertinent quotation etc. You must have six references, five to seven index cards, and the outline. Follow the APA or MLA format. You must have a cover page.

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