Personal Theory of Counseling

At the end of the semester, you will write an 8 to 10-page final paper in which you explore your personalcounseling theory. may be one theory we covered in class or ideas borrowed from two or more theories. Your descriptions must represent your personal beliefs about the nature of humans, origins of distress and pathology, and how change occurs. Please read Chapter 15 and watch the final online lecture prior to beginning this paper.
Quality papers will be organized with level headings that address these prompts:
a. A description of the theory or theories you are combining, including:
i. Your personal theory’s view of the nature of humans
ii. How the theory explains origins of client distress and/or pathology
iii. How change occurs.
iv. Techniques that are/could be used in this theory
v. The role of counselors and clients in this process.

b. A description of personal experiences that may have influenced formation of your personal counseling theory, including an honest reflection on any biases you may have and how you might go about addressing them.

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Personal Theory of Counseling
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c. A discussion of how your theory addresses diversity and cross-cultural counseling relationships.Don’t just think of race/ethnicity! Also consider religion, disability, SES, education, etc.

d. Further reading or training you would like to pursue in order to increase your competenceworking with your theory.

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