Health Economics Paper

Due Dates: The first draft: June 18, 2018 at 11:59. The final draft: July 6 at 11:59.

Turning it in: There is a spot in Bb for you to turn it in. That site will allow me to quickly check for plagiarism.

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Health Economics Paper
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Topic: Your topic should be on ANYTHING that is related to what we have already covered or anything we will cover in this course. It is best if you connect your major to the topic in some substantive way. You may discuss any aspect of the PPACA (Obamacare), any aspect of health care, health insurance, preventative care, prescription care, motivations for invention…literally anything with a connection to the topic of Health Economics.

An exercise science major could survey the estimates of how much more we spend on health care given how incredibly out of shape Americans are.

This is what the syllabus says:

“The required paper can be a traditional MLA or APA formatted research paper of substantive length (about 3000 words or 10 pages; 12pt Times-Roman; 1.25 inch margins; not including separate works-cited or title pages) on a topic related to health economics or health care finance. Alternatively, you may write an advocacy paper of the same length in which you make a case for a heath care policy position of your choice… It should be your best attempt and will be graded separately from the final paper. The purpose of the first draft is to convince you to view writing as an iterative process whereby you receive constructive criticism and then respond to that criticism with substantive changes.”

Grading Standards for First Draft:

I am looking for a “first draft” NOT a “rough draft.” A first draft is:

· Is on an appropriate topic

· Of the appropriate length (3000 words)

· Appropriately cited (with in-text citations and a complete bibliography)

· Has been clearly proofread, is readable and has minimal grammatical issues

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