Feminism, Art, and the 1 percent Assignment

Answer questions fully and in complete sentences.


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Feminism, Art, and the 1 percent Assignment
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1. Complete the selected reading from The Feminine Mystique. What major problem does the author say modern women have? She problem does she say Victorian era women had, and how is it different for women in the modern day?

2. Describe what a day in the life of the Southall Black Sisters Forced Marriage Unit is like.

3. Why are feminists in disagreement over whether or not Beyonce’s art is feminist? What is your opinion? Why?

4. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian author. Generally speaking, what is life in Nigeria like for a woman? Why do you think Beyonce chose to sample this Ted Talk in her song and video “Flawless”?

5. In one of the Versailles videos, the narrator talks about the Hall of Mirrors. Why did Louis XIV choose to have mirrors in this hall? Why were mirrors a sign of wealth?

6. What was strange about the Queen’s Hamlet? Why is it a sign of the disconnect between the ruling French aristocracy and the commoners?

7. Some economists think that we live in the time of the greatest global income inequality (separation between rich and poor). In “Breaking the Camel’s Back”, explain what “between-county inequality” is and how it affects global inequality.

8. Google the artist Bansky. What is unique about his artistic style? How do you think Louis XIV would feel about his style of art?

Create a paragraph summary of each:



Marx on Realism in Art:


Zen Buddhism and Art:


Republic, book X (use the YouTube video summary for clarity):


American Civil Liberties Union Freedom of Expression:

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