Ethics and Morals Midterm Questions

1)James Rachels, in our readings, presents an argument as to why Morality can NOT be Relative. Why can’t morality be relative?

2)Explain how issues involving Free Will and Determinism are relevant to discussions of Morality.

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Ethics and Morals Midterm Questions
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3)As far as you are concerned which foundation best accomplishes the task of ethics, which foundation accomplishes the task of ethics the worst. Explain and defend your assertion.

4)What is the task of Morality?


5)Explain the Social Contract theory and why it is relevant to the discussion of morality.


6)What are some of the problematic issues that arise from Kant’s Categorical Imperative?

7)What do you think is the right course of action in Le Guin’s Those Who Walk Away? Explain why by examining the underlying ethical foundation you are speaking from and how it applies.


8)Explain how Existentialism could be considered a Humanism.

9)Explain some of the main criticisms of Ethical Egoism.

10)Of the Golden Rule, Silver Rule, and Platinum Rule which do you consider sufficient to lead a good life? Defend your stance.


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