Critical Analysis Paper II

Provide a minimum 2-page, single-spaced essay addressing the below prompts.

o Briefly discuss as many significant findings and/or readings that you find have guided your understanding on beginning the Americanization process as a bottom tier ethnic group as witnessed among the collective ethnic groups.

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Critical Analysis Paper II
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o Native-Americans’ historical Americanization experiences are shaped through colonization, dehumanization, racialized segregation and isolation, constant surveillance, historical whitewashing, white-ethnocentric prescriptions labeling each as savage, and paternalistic-domination still existing today. More relevant is the reality that Native Americans are said to be an “invisible minority” since they are so distanced from mainstream society that the “single-story” told on their existence is so limited that many Americans do not know the true story of this indigenous group. What enlightenments were made known to you in your examination of Native Americans that you previously did not know?


o The resources referenced white-privilege as an invisible-knapsack provided to white-identifying American’s who are shielded from the tools of domination to include racism, prejudice, discrimination, oppression, and paternalistic domination. Conversely, it can be said that African-American’s share a “visible knapsack” in having skin color that reinforces their historical oppression, dehumanization, and perceptions of inferiority while existing in an American white space society preferencing white skin.

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