Antebellum Movie Paper

Each of the two movies listed below captures a part of Antebellum (before the Civil War) history that isn’t as well known as slavery during that period. Meek’s Cutoff is about Western Expansion before the Civil War. The Gangs of New York is about Urban and Irish Immigrant Life.

Watch one of the two movies.

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Antebellum Movie Paper
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Then write an essay describing this period and topic in American History. Compare what you have learned in your research with what you have seen in the movie. Make sure to answer the following questions:

1) Is the movie accurate? Describe in detail why or why not. Use specific scenes from the movie to demonstrate your answer.

2) What point of view(s) is/are missing from the movie? Discuss how the story of this period and topic might be told differently from a different point of view. Would that be a better or just a different movie?

NUTS AND BOLTS: Write at least 1000 words (roughly 4 pages, double spaced). Use at least three scholarly sources
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. One can be a textbook. (Remember to cite your sources – including the movie – using a standard format such as MLA)

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Gangs of New York
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Meek’s Cuttoff

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