Racism history.

Read Chapter 1, “is it really about race?” from the university’s Common read: Ljeoma Oluo, So You Want to Talk About Race. Chapter 1.docx

In Chapter 1, “Is it really about race?,” the author states: “It is about race if a person of color thinks it is about race. It is about race if it disproportionately or differently affects people of color. It is about race if it fits into a broader pattern of events that disproportionately or differently affect people of color.”

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Racism history.
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Discussion questions:

After reading the author’s explanation of these points, can you think of social or political issues that many people currently believe are not about race, but actually may be?

Which of the above guidelines for understanding when it is about race fit those issues?

Do you need a community to deal with the systemic issue of racism?

Your first post is due by Thursday and you need to join the group more than once as this is a discussion. Please respond to at least two of your classmates; review the rubric to gain maximum points for this assignment.

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